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Coaching Staff and Volunteers:
Jesse L. Autry, Director of Cross Country and Track and Field, Head Coach

With 15 years and 52 combined conference, regional and state team championships under his belt, Coach Autry is no stranger to the pressures of the job.   

Mark Mc Kim, Assistant Head Track and Field Coach, Throws Coach

Coach Mc Kim will be entering his fifth  year on the South View Track and Field Staff.  Mc Kim is directly in charge of the throwing events for the Tigers.  He has produced multiple Conference and Regional Champions, along with several All Conference and All Region award winners.

James Jasper

A former star sprinter for the Tigers, Coach Jasper has been with South View Track and Field as a coach for nine years.  In his tenure he has cultivated multiple All Conference and All Region performers.

Ralf Zappe

The "go-to-guy" for the program, Ralf Zappe gets it done.  As a parent volunteer, he is often the hard work behind the project.  He will be entering his third season in the program.

Derek Workman

Coach Workman joined the Tiger Staff during track and field season last Spring and will continue his tenure in the comig 2012-2013 school year.  Workman was a star mid-distance runner in high school and college.

Jesse & Belinda Kriner

Jesse and Belinda help organize our parent volunteers for events like the Jungle Run, Tiger Relays and more.

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JUNGLE RUN 2012: South View Looks to Host Largest Field Ever

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Herb Foochelmeister, Sunday, June 10, 2012
David Guthrie finishes at last year's JR.
Keana Wells just past the half mile mark.
Four out of five of these guys return this Fall.
Hope Mills - South View Cross Country will be hosting the 11th Annual Jungle Run on Saturday, September 1st, 2012 this coming Fall.  After another big year, the Tigers are looking to make the meet even bigger and better.  "It just keeps growing.  I think once people witness the night-tie experience, they are hooked."  Coach Autry stated.  The Tigers continue to describe the meet as  "big-time invite with a Friday night football atmosphere."

     Registration will be online through again this year.  Autry plans to open registration up for the meet in early August and run it through Tuesday, August 28th at 11:59PM.  

For registration information on the 11th Annual Jungle Run, please click here.  If you any direct questions concerning this event, please email Coach Jesse L. Autry at       

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South View runners crack top ten (Fayetteville Observer/Tyler Dunne blog - 9/16/10)

Around 50 Tigers Headed to Appalachian State This Summer!

Don Quiote, SVXC Correspondent, June 10, 2012

The Lady Tigers pose in the creek at State Farm Park in Boone, NC last year after a run up Mt. Brandon.

Hope Mills - South View Cross Country is preparing for another trip to Appalachian State University for camp this summer.  The dates have been set for July 24th through the 28th.  Upon their return, the Tigers will begin full-time workouts on Monday, August 1st.  

     This year is looking to be very different, as the Lady Tigers have more pre-registered student athletes going than the boys.  "It's true.  The girls have a couple more than the guys this time."  Autry confirmed on Wednesday.  This increase is being fueled by a strong class of rising sophomores.  Autry has made it clear that he thinks the numbers are still a bit fluid.  "For some reason I think we will still pick up a couple of kids.  We always do."  

     For information about balance due dates, camp expectations, what to bring and more, please continue to check back here.  

     Click below to see some of the Running Tigers 2010 camp experience:

Reminder: Camp Balance is Due by Tuesday, July 17th 
Hope Mills - Everyone is reminded that the balnce for camp is due by Tuesday, July 17th.  It is imperative that this money is turned in on time, as the school check for ASU will be prepared by Thursday morning.  Please speak with or email Coach Jesse L. Autry, if you have any questions.

Can Tiger Super-Sophs Live Up to the Hype?

Xiun Chowpang, Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Youth Gone Wild.  Clockwise from the left are some of the top rising sophomore returnees from the 2011 Tiger Men:Joe Moody, Michael Staples, David McClanahan, Sam Park, Chandler Mitchell, Titus Grant, Mike Noack, Patrick Young, Joe Cox and Steven Sims. 

Hope Mills - The names just kind of roll out: Titus Grant, Michael Staples, the Joes (Cox and Moody), David McClanahan, Michael Sims, etc.  These were the freshmen who had the breakout season every freshman wants.  But the question for those who reach early success is always, "can they sustain it."  According to Head Coach Jesse L. Autry they have the potential.  "I have learned that any kid can rise up, but any kid can let the team down, as well.  I love the early off-season work ethic we are seeing from these guys, but the proof is in the pudding."  

     The size of the boys class of 2015 is an added advantage.  Autry is quick to point out, "You have more room for some to fall off when you have so many with so much going for them."  That is why he shows an equal amount of excitement for runners like Patrick Young and Michael Noack.  Young's big performance in the freshman 1600 meter run at the Screaming Eagle Invitational in Wilmington announced his arrival on the scene as a serious contributor.  Noack's steady improvement and quality 3200 meter runs throughout the Spring suggest he will be a force to be reckoned with as he gets older and more experienced.  Sophomore Chandler Mitchell's injury seems to be a thing of the past as his early season workouts have some of his teammates already calling him the "next big surprise." Patrick Lopez is still awaiting some personal information to find out his status, but has been looking solid during the student-led "park runs."  Chris Robison was improving late in the Spring season.  

     Autry is hoping track cross-overs like Ricardo Bowen and James Seagraves will become steady contributors, as well.  "Those two guys have monster-talent.  We just need to get them in some sort of consistent routine."  Autry commented.  

     Still, Autry is quick to point out, this sophomore group could "really rock and roll for a long time.  They just need to always remember that 'all potential really means, is you ain't done it, yet.'"  Autry was using an old Vince Lombardi adage.

Lady Tigers Look to Get Over the Hump in 2012

Herb Foochelmeister, SVXC Correspondent, Wednesday, June 10, 2012
Kiara Glover finishes strong at the 2011 Hagan Stone Classic.
Hope Mills - Jessica Blanks has hardly been able to contain her excitement this early off-season.  Brittany Combs is loving what she sees.  Kiara Glover is hitting it a little harder a little sooner.  What has these older team leaders so excited?  It's simple, really: promise.  This year's Lady Tigers look very promising.  In the last few years you would see, Julie Sem, Justine Serje and Aimee Wilson up front, but then there would be a drop off.  Last year it was Sara DeSantis, Andria Wren and the pack way back.  The gap between the top ladies and the rest of the team was filled with too many different uniforms.  Over the last two years, Coach Jesse L. Autry has made it his mission to create a deeper and more competitive women's roster.  "I think the advantage the boys have had, "Autry explains, "has been the competition to move up into the top seven or even 10.  We have got to get the ladies competing.  Competition makes everyone better."  

     After a monster recruiting season, the South View Cross Country team will, for the first time, is scheduled to take more girls to camp than ever...  More girls to camp than even the boys.  The numbers are there and so is the work ethic.  The Lady Tigers are experiencing the best early-off-season workouts the program has ever known.  Autry points to a philosophy from former South View Assistant Head Coach Rick Newton as his motivation for being so aggressive in this year's recruiting: "If you want to win a horse race, you're gonna need some horses."  Well, the Lady Tigers certainly have personnel.  

     But coupled with having the personnel, you have to have student leadership.  Brittany Combs and Jessica Blanks have been the best in contacting and getting the girls to the early park runs.  But with Blanks heading off to Governor's School and Combs work schedule interfering with her night practices, the ladies are looking for someone to step up and fill the void.  Autry is looking to veterans like Alyssa Zappe and Christina Sem to rise up.  "Those two have the experience and knowledge to lead this group."  Also, Yasmin Ayala-Johnson and Grey Perry have been wrking the phones.  It will take a combination of teammates to communicate and motivate.  If the Lady Tigers find their voice this summer, they will be tough to deal with this fall.